Sunday, May 28, 2017

Kitty-kinda-lunch ❤️

It's Saturday! Saturday means no work, no stress and no annoying meetings. I couldn't be more excited to experience the day with lots of chilling, basically doing nothing more than heading to the gym in the morning then laze around all day.

My love for Hello Kitty has no limits, it makes me happy to do this kind of setting for my lunch. It's my favorite character and I can't help it. It's too cute to be true. 


However, it doesn't stop me from being awesome by cooking my own lunch. Although, I've got my Gado-Gado from one of my favorite restaurant, Tesate but the rest are my very own homemade creation. 


Not the usual kind of Gado-Gado but this is amazing!

Here's their awesome peanut sauce, I usually pour 1/3... it's fattening 😝

My very own recipe Salmon with Broccoli, Peach & Pear. It's amazing!


And yes, fruits on the side. As usual. 


Last but not least, it's my strawberry infused water 🍓

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