Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Luncheon 🍣

It's my third time coming for lunch at Oku, Kempinski Hotel Indonesia but this will be my first time in sharing my experience. The food itself is amazing, presentation is great and overall, great ambience. The atmosphere itself is beyond cozy. I love coming to Oku from tine to time. I'm not a food blogger but I managed to take three awesome shots that I'd like to share. 


It's this one here, unagi with edible flowers. 



My kind of favorite thing to have as my dessert... popsicles or so the menu says, it's sorbets apparently.



Chocolate Praline. Not so special but it looks good.


I managed to have this shot taken by one of the employee of Oku. It's our group lunch picture and I love it! 


I'd like to end this post with my #OOTD. 


My very own Marc Jacobs Campaign:


Pretty cool, isn't it? ❤️


Photo by Martin Eddy

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