Friday, May 5, 2017

Ikebana 1.0 🌸

Ikebana is not just about sticking a flower into vase: it is about the love and need of the artist to create beautiful forms... Ikebana is not just about flowers, it is about the person who arranges them. - Ikebana Quotes

I love flowers. There I said it. It's that simple for me, real or fake flowers? No problem as long as it's pretty much like a flower but my ultimate favorite would be, Hydrangea and White Roses. 

I had this urge to learn since I was in Junior High School but I had no time for that. My parents weren't saying yes about it too so I kind of give up on flower arrangement completely. Then, I the idea came up around end of March to find somewhere close to home or the office to learn Ikebana. Voilà! I found one with the Ikebana Master around Cikini, Menteng area. 

I finally had the chance to learn Ikebana for real! It's something completely different than buying bouquet for gifts or simple flower arrangement. Ikebana itself has different styles, types and rules to do its arrangement.

Here's what I made on my first two sessions with Ibu Herliana Wiharsa, the Ikenobo Master in Jakarta. 


 Lesson No. 1.1 - Jiyuka (Free Style) Natural


Lesson 1.2 - Jiyuka (Free Style) Natural


Lesson 2.1 - Jiyuka (Free Style) Natural


Lesson 2.2 - Jiyuka (Free Style) Natural

I can honestly say, Ikebana is hard. It's not as easy as making a hand bouquets or simple flower arrangement. It requires in depth knowledge about a lot of things apparently but I ain't giving up! 🌸

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