Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Baby Back Ribs & Roasted Chicken 🍽

Cooking is one of the thing I like to do, especially for friends and family. I love serving people on the table with what I cook and let them enjoy every bits of the savory I managed to cook. 

I can say I enjoy cooking for special get together at my place with friends every now and then. Mostly, I love to cook vegetables, chicken or fish fillets on regular basis but when it comes to one whole chicken, I kinds feel odd about it since it has this odor and the image of seeing the heart, liver and blood of a chicken. But anyway, once it's roasted with seasonings I know it will be so much better. 


Other than chicken, I love Baby Back Ribs a lot and this one here's pretty similar to Tony Romas. I guess I'm not that bad afterall. 

Ever heard a saying, "You are what you eat?" It makes me wonder, that's pretty true but oh well. #YOLO!


Photo by Carol Vinolanda

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