Friday, March 24, 2017

Burberry x Herworld Indonesia 💃🏻

It was an honour to work with Burberry and Herworld Indonesia for this project. Thank yiu for giving me this opportunity to do a photoshoot for Burberry x Herworld Indonesia. I was given a chance to being two friends along with me for this photoshoot, I chose to do this with my fellow influencer lovelies, Alvina Atmadja & Catherine Halim.


These shots posted won't be on the magazine itself, it's from my personal DSLR for our own kind of fun but I love it! It's us girls goofing around with the props given on the set. I love getting all crazy and hyped up when it comes to photoshoots, turns out my girls are too. 


Loving Lifejuice more than anything else... I took the liberty to take this shot to promote Lifejuice on my Instagram since I love 500 days of Summer anyway 🍓 


Monday, March 20, 2017

Chillaxin' ✨

Chillaxing is a combination of my two of favorite words: chill and relaxing. For me, it's a word that represents being laid back and doing anything without nothing to worry about. This word is a powerful glossary that I use on my day-to-day basis which usually indicates that work is a mess, life has too many problems to deal with or I-need-a-break kind of statement. It's very funny when I think of it that way, my life isn't much of a mess if you're wondering but sometimes everyone needs that getaway card from the world from time to time which is... normal. Have you ever thought of that before? I do. 

Getting away from the world doesn't mean that you don't talk to anyone or avoid people at all cost. For me personally, it's more of taking care of myself first than others, being alone for a short period of time or doing things on my own without the company of a friend or anyone close to me. 

For example, my kind of getaway from work is taking few shots of my #OOTD (Outfit-Of-The-Day) at Grand Hyatt. Why Grand Hyatt? It's close to my office, it has an amazing outdoor pool area and most importantly, I love the ambience.


Look at that... it's chillaxing, isn't it?

Here's another shot that I love... I know looks can be deceiving but I'm pretty sure that I'm not that fierce in my daily life, just that I love that kind of pose to be bring out "that" mysterious vibes in me.


Photo by Santo Chia

Last but not least, that's me looking straight to the camera. Chillaxing at its finest... Pretty awesome right?

This is one of my Chillaxing Method of to breakaway from my hectic schedule or life, which usually works for me instantly but unless if getting the right shots is way too hard then it will create and add more stress on my system ... I'll be sure to post more of my Chillaxing Methods in the future though.. 🙂